Answer the question "How can I make more profit in my business?

The Seven Key Numbers that Drive Profit & Cash Flow

This eBook is not about dreams or rags to riches:

Have you asked yourself “How can I make more profit in my business?” If so you’re not alone!

Many business owners are so busy running the day to day operations of their business that they rarely get the time to sit down and analyse what’s actually happening in terms of performance and return for all their hard efforts.

You may have a look at the Profit and Loss Statement each month, but what’s it really telling you? Does it tell you how to get more profit in business? Does it tell you how to have better cash flow in business? Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to work on to achieve these improvements.

In this eBook we’ve distilled it down to seven key numbers, to make it easier for you to work out how to make more money in business.

The seven key numbers aren’t results based - they are ‘drivers’ of results in business. This means if you manage and improve them your overall results in profit and cash flow will improve.

You may think “All I have to do is sell more and that will fix everything”. This can be true, however if the sales you’re making aren’t very profitable, making more of them isn’t going to help. You need to drive not just sales, but costs and closely manage overheads, to ensure you end up with something on the bottom line from all your efforts.

Selling more can also have a negative impact on cash flow! This may sound crazy, but think about it for a minute. If you’re selling more you need more stock, you need more labour and materials on jobs and they all have to be paid for… sometimes well before you get paid by your customer. So the more you sell the more cash you need to fund extra sales.

This eBook explains how to have more money in business through improving each of the seven key numbers and how to do it.