Want to know how to grow a small business?

What a Business Needs to Get Going & Grow

Many of us have a dream to run our own business and can see a wonderful vision of the future where we’re delivering fantastic products and services to happy customers who love to pay us a fortune. Think of Steve Jobs working away in his garage to create what many of us enjoy today with Apple products.

The sad fact is that over 50% of start up businesses fail within the first 2 years. There are many reasons for failures and the main ones are:

  • Wrong product/service
  • Lack of any type of planning
  • Lack of funds to get over the initial low sales phase
  • Lack of marketing plan
  • Lack of sales ability and customer service focus
  • Poor staff management resulting in poor morale and customer service
  • Poor product/service delivery

Many new business owners get very focused on the product and fail to plan how to get started in business fully. They get so focused on the product they fail to consider how to run a small business successfully.

If you’re thinking about how to grow a small business, it pays to spend some timing planning the whole business. It pays to set targets for not just yourself, but your staff or future staff, if you plan to grow your business. It’s so easy to get sidetracked with everything in business and forget about the results you are trying to achieve.

This eBook is the result of years working with small business owners who have put lots of thought into their desired results and how to get there. It’s a total guide to everything you need to consider for business success. It answers the question “What do I need to start a small business?” as well as “How do I grow a small business?”